Defeating Anxiety Affirmation Cards Printable
Defeating Anxiety Affirmation Cards Printable

Defeating Anxiety Affirmation Cards Printable

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Defeating Anxiety Affirmation Cards

Defeating Anxiety Affirmation Cards Printable were created from an inside perspective. I personally know the powerful affect our words and thoughts can have when you have anxiety knocking at your door. Anxiety is a relentless monster that will take every inch we give it. So we need to fight back with our words - words, especially when spoken carry power.

I have created these 32 Printable Anxiety Cards with some of the words that I know help me. Words along with beautiful soothing backgrounds. I know you'll love using them. These come in a printable affirmation cards pdf.

What is a good affirmation for anxiety?
Right here in Defeating Anxiety Affirmation Cards you will find 32 that have worked for me in taming anxiety. But the thing is, find the one out of those 32 that speaks to you the most and shout that one out every day before you read your daily card.

Do affirmations work for anxiety?
Yes, yes they do. I can attest to that myself. If you read them and meditate on it and really take it in. Thoughts produce words, words produce action. Thats what this anxiety relief printable will help you with

Defeating Anxiety Affirmation Cards Printable
7 pages
1 PDF File - Letter Size 8.5” x 11”


- Why I created this anxiety aid intro and instruction page.
- 32 beautiful soothing Anxiety Affirmations cards.
- 8 blank cards in case you want to write your own affirmation down.


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